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The Story Behind the Crawl

Like all great stories, it all began with a dream. A tale older than time about a group of hooligans that enjoyed pizza more than life itself. It all began at Antico Italian Pizzeria in Midtown ATL. In the midst of all the booze and pizza, the idea became very clear. From then on we decided to join forces and explore all the nooks and crannies of our hometown in search for the greatest pizza our great city has to offer. In doing so, we had mapped out a most excellent, righteous route that is now know as the Carb Crawl. It is now most famously known as the path to true pizza nirvana. Rumors have it that Moses himself wrote down this path on stone templates along with his Ten Commandments. It will make a grown man cry. It will put hair on your chest and a big ole smile on your face. You will discover a long lost community of carboholics. You will find peace, love and happiness. You will be reborn and baptized in the name of the one and only CARB CRAWL...

Come one... come all... to the Carb Crawl!

Meet the Founders

"I want pizza with my face on it." - Jennifer Lawrence

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